The cooling copper pipe Supersplit, with its new insulation made up of closed-cell expanded polyethilene is leader among the copper pipes for air-conditioning and air-blending systems.

Thanks to its perfect insulation and high degree of internal cleanness, Supersplit is particularly suitable for refrigerant and coolant fluids distribution. Moreover, the external white PE-layer provides an impenetrable barrier against ultra-violet rays, which allows open air installation of Supersplit without any further protection.

Copper pipe
CU-DHP annealed copper pipe (n. C12200) EN 12735-1, phosphorus deoxidised.
Chemical composition: Cu+Ag ≥ 99,9 % 0,015 % < P < 0,040 % with perfectly sealed ends and inwardly dehumidified.
Dimensions and mechanical characteristics conforming to EN12735-1.
Linear thermal expansion cohefficient (for temperatures from 25 to 100 °C): 0,0000168 K.
Heat conduction at 20°C = 364 W/m °K.
Unit breaking load: min. R = 220 N/mm2 (21 Kg/mm2).
Elongation percentage: A% MIN = 45%.
Internal surface: glossy and perfectly clean, conforming to ASTM B-280 Legislation.
Physical condition: annealed.


Closed-cell.expanded Polyethilene.
Heat conduction at 0 °C: ≤ 0,036 W/m °K.
Working temperature from - 80 °C to + 105 °C.
Reaction to fire: self-extinguishing Cl. 1.
Vapour resistance: μ > 5000
Average insulation density: 35 Kg/m3.
White external film is made up of nontoxic extruded Polyethilene.
Resistant to external chemical agents and ultraviolet rays.
ISO 9002 - EN 29002 Certification.

Available on demand
- Nominal thickness of copper pipe wall: 1 mm for all diameters.
- Insulation thickness: 9 mm. for all diameters.