DualSplit, two pipes in one applications in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. The first and unique twinned insulated copper pipe with double protection layer whose UV resistance is granted for 3 years. Due to a new manufacturing system copper pipes are inserted in a protected (by a PE-layer) polyethylene insulation, which is not glued neither welded.

In this way it avoids loosing insulating features and smaller insulation thicknesses can be used, keeping a high resistance to moisture. The double protection around the two pipes prevents the insulation from tearing while separating the two pipes and allows to install it directly in the sunrays without PVC-ducts, obtaining therefore an important saving. The same manufacturing process allows to use different copper and insulation thicknesses; therefore Dualsplit can be installed in different applications.

Transport of refrigerant gas.
Heat pumps.
Air-conditioning installations.

Technical features
Inside cleaned copper pipe for refrigerant gas, tapped at the extremities.
Dimensions and features according to EN 12735-1.


Extruded and closed cell polyethylene.
Heat conductivity at 0 °C ≤ 0,036 W / m °K.
Working temperature from - 80 °C until +105 °C.
Fire rating Class 1.
Resistance to Steamdiffusion μ > 5000.
White coloured outside PE-protection layer, resistant to chemical agents.
Granted UV-resistance for 3 years.
Certified ISO 9002 - EN 29002.
Available on demand
- Nominal thickness of copper pipe wall: 1mm for all diameters.
- Insulation thickness: 9 mm for all diameters.