The innovative insulation for all gas distribution plants. Cu-DHP 99,9 annealed copper pipe, phosphorus deoxidised as per UNI EN 1057 tightness tested for hydrothermosanitary applications. Mechanical characteristics, manufacturing tolerance and marking as per UNI EN 1057.

Jacket properties
The air channels in the outer sheath protect plants in case of gas leakage, and make it unnecessary to pass the pipe through a further protective jacket.
This product conforms to the standards for fuel-gas distribution plants and for any application in which gas leakage must be diverted outwards.


Jacket material
Self-estinguishing semi-rigid expanded polyethylene, odourless and non-toxic.
Colour: yellow.
The jacket is smooth outside and starshaped inside.
Each linear meter is indelibly labelled with trade mark, outside diameter, rated thickness and production year.
Each coil is wrapped in a transparent polypropylene film with adhesive Friges labels.

Working temperature
From -80 to +105 °C.

Gas and liquid fuels distribution plants.