The latest copper pipe for cooling. A new sheat for greater insulating power. SuperGel, insulated with closed cell crosslinked expanded polyethylene and coated with highly resistant PE-layer, is the new pipe for refrigeration and climatisation systems. Suitable for new refrigerants R407 and R410.

Thanks to its perfect insulation and high degree of internal cleanness, SuperGel is particularly suitable for refrigerants and coolant fluids distribution. Moreover the external white PE-layer provides an impenetrable barrier against ultra-violet rays, which allows open-air-installation of Supergel without any further protection.

Copper pipe
CU-DHP annealed copper pipe EN 12735-1, phosphorus deoxidised.
Chemical composition: Cu+Ag ≥ 99,9 % 0,015 % < P < 0,040 % with perfectly sealed ends and inwardly dehumidified.
Dimensions and mechanical characteristics conforming to EN12735-1.
Linear thermal expansion cohefficient (for temperatures from 25 to 100 °C): 0,0000168 K.
Heat conduction at 20°C = 364 W/m °K.
Unit breaking load: min. R = 220 N/mm2 (21 Kg/mm2).
Elongation percentage: A% MIN = 45%.
Internal surface: glossy and perfectly clean, conforming to ASTM B-280 Legislation.
Physical condition: annealed.


Closed-cell expanded Polyethilene.
Heat conduction at 0 °C: ≤ 0,036 W/m °K.
Working temperature from - 80 °C to + 105 °C.
Reaction to fire: self-extinguishing Cl. 1.
Vapour resistance: μ > 5000.
Average insulation density: 35 Kg/m3.
White external film is made up of nontoxic extruded Polyethilene.
Resistant to external chemical agents and ultraviolet rays.
ISO 9002 - EN 29002 Certification.

Available on demand
- Nominal thickness of copper pipe wall: 1 mm for all diameters.