CU DHP annealed copper pipe, Phosphorus dioxidised in accordance with EN 1057, proof tested for plumbing and utilities applications. Mechanical characteristics and manufacturing tolerance in accordance with UNI EN 1057. Each meter is labelled with trade mark, outside diameter, rated thickness and production year. Each coil is wrapped in a transparent polypropylene film with Friges labels.

Rigid closed-cell expanded.
Polyethylene directly extruded onto tubing.
Colour: red.


Heating, hydro and sanitary plants, compressed air systems. It is particularly suitable for working places in which it is exposed to shocks, squeezing and corrosive materials.

Physical properties
Resistant to temperatures from -40 to +105 °C.
Excellent resistance to common chemicals.
Good vapour permeability.
Compression resistance at 10% deformation: 110 Kg/m.l.
Good acoustic insulation. Excellent tear strength.
Good dimensional stability.