Soft Close is a simple device enhancing the value of the bathroom

A controlled seat fall: thanks to a special oleodynamic cartridge integrated in the hinge’s body, the seat and the cover can close slowly, with no intervention by the user. Laboratory testing showed a correct working of the cartridge even after long periods of time, guaranteeing at least 50.000 opening / closing cycles: this shows
how extremely reliable and durable the product can be, also in stressful environments (public places, hospitals, communities).

The oleodynamic cartridge integrated in a Soft Close hinge by Friges.Soft Close for thermosetting toilet seats too: the exclusive solution designed by Friges spa makes the same toilet seat suitable to the installation of either a traditional or a Soft Close hinge.
The wide hole, which in the first case allows the use of a normal steel hinge thanks to the plastic adapter provided, consistently reduces Soft Close hinge’s weight on toilet seat’s overall aesthetics.


The positive feedback achieved so far in the prestigious “poured” Friges toilet seat led to develop a set of soft close hinges also for the thermosetting toilet seat, incorporating the cartridge directly into the toilet seat itself for a pleasant aesthetic impact.

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