Bella is the essential design of the contemporary equipment and the functionality that respects the esthetic rules of the new taste. The easy and quick installation are the top priorities of this range, also thanks to the wall profile which allows 30 mm extension. The careful design of the details : the upper ball bearings and the sliding panels in tempered glass increased to 5 mm thickness grant a more fluid and soft sliding, the double transparent silicon seal helps a perfect tightness and the

“ genial “ lower block with detaching system simplify and speeds up the cleaning maintenance. Features of this range : chromed aluminium profiles, tempered glass panels in 4-5 mm thickness in transparent or new obscure “ Bella” version, up-to-today shape of the handle in chromed metal. All items of this range are reversible.

collection include:

B/1 Square or rectangular corner entry made up of a fixed panel in 4 mm  glass and a sliding doors in a thicker glass of 5mm to assure a smooth sliding action.

B/8 Quadrant made up of a fixed panel in 4 mm glass and a thickener sliding door of 5 mm to assure a smooth sliding action.